Matt + Laura Elope – Portland, Oregon

Elopements have a special place in our hearts. When you take the words, Travel and Love and put them together, you get two excited artists. This year, Jared and I drove cross country to the Pacific North West to capture the adventurous explorer, Matt Arbo, hike to his wedding destination, in front of a rushing waterfall, where he awaited his dream girl in hiking boots. The intimacy of the day, the quiet moments of the couple surrounded by nature. Nothing but the two of them and their vows to one another’s souls, uniting them together for life. It’s the moments we live to capture. The stories we need to tell. Two passionate souls, becoming one.

Last week, this wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty, The Ultimate Wedding Blog, so today we wanted to share this treasure with all of our readers.

  1. Nicole Jowers says:

    Wow, I just can’t get enough of you two and your work. I promise when I re-marry…I will certainly ask to have you capture my event. Looking forward to seeing the rest of Jessica and Corbett’s. Thank you again for putting your all into both of my girls’ (and my new sons’) events.

    Love you both!


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