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Raise your hand if you’re the kinda girl (or guy) who goes crazy for hair with a healthy shimmer + softness to it. I know that’s me. I’m always a sucker for trying new beauty products, and when i find one that works, I want to share it with the world. Kopari has a variety of great products that use 100% coconut oil and have a multitude of benefits for your face, skin and hair. I have been trying out the coconut sheer oil as a cuticle cream, eye makeup remover and eye cream for night time and I have to say, I love it. My nails have needed a break from the constant rotation of colors that I usually coat them with, and instead I’ve been slapping on some coconut sheer instead which has made them grow so fast, and left them strong once again,  and my cuticles are smooth as ever.

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This Kopari Coconut Melt is now my go-to hair mask. Make yourself a nice bath, light some candles and grab a magazine while this stuff soaks in your hair. You can even slather a little on your body and soak in it, or use it on your legs for a nice shave.
Remember a little goes a long way, and I’d definitely avoid the roots, as its a super powerful moisturizer. The first time I left it in overnight, but I don’t think my hair needed quite that much moisture, so the next time I rinsed it out right after my bath.  I noticed a definite shine and softness in my hair so I’ll be keeping this handy for those summer months where the pool and sun really do a number on my hair.
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