Kopari Beauty- for hair and skin



Raise your hand if you’re the kinda girl (or guy) who goes crazy for hair with a healthy shimmer + softness to it. I know that’s me. I’m always a sucker for trying new beauty products, and when i find one that works, I want to share it with the world. Kopari has a variety of great products that use 100% coconut oil and have a multitude of benefits for your face, skin and hair. I have been trying out the coconut sheer oil as a cuticle cream, eye makeup remover and eye cream for night time and I have to say, I love it. My nails have needed a break from the constant rotation of colors that I usually coat them with, and instead I’ve been slapping on some coconut sheer instead which has made them grow so fast, and left them strong once again,  and my cuticles are smooth as ever.

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This Kopari Coconut Melt is now my go-to hair mask. Make yourself a nice bath, light some candles and grab a magazine while this stuff soaks in your hair. You can even slather a little on your body and soak in it, or use it on your legs for a nice shave.
Remember a little goes a long way, and I’d definitely avoid the roots, as its a super powerful moisturizer. The first time I left it in overnight, but I don’t think my hair needed quite that much moisture, so the next time I rinsed it out right after my bath.  I noticed a definite shine and softness in my hair so I’ll be keeping this handy for those summer months where the pool and sun really do a number on my hair.
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YuccaLane Lamp Giveaway

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Spring is officially here, and that means it’s time for another GIVEAWAY!  This has been in the works for quite some time, and I’m so excited to finally share this product with you! This time of year, I always get the itch to go through every closet, deep clean the house, and then add a few new items to spruce up the home. So today I’m sharing with you one of my absolute favorite finds and one of YOU, get to win one of these beauties! These fabulous lamps are from YuccaLane, and created by the talented Dyana Bush.

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After searching and searching for a lamp, which was clean, simple looking, and not too large for my side tables, but also let off a soft, warm light, I was hitting a wall. I simply couldn’t find something that fit all my desires. UNTIL, I found Dyana, (My angel). She had just launched YuccaLane and immediately was in a pop-up shop in WestElm, where of  course, in one day she sold a large bundle of these lamps all at once. 

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These Lamps are the absolute perfect size for a side table, they have a beautiful, simple, silver switch to turn them on, and they come equipped the the most gorgeous bulbs. They add such a great feel to our home and let off the warmest, coziest, romantic light at night, you’ll think you have a bunch of candles lit. 10untitled (18 of 9)untitled (17 of 9)

These lamps are INCREDIBLY reasonably priced, so make sure to go check out all the items over on YuccaLane’s Etsy Shop  . Take a look below at the lamp we are giving away this week & head over to my Instagram  for instructions on how to enter.

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Adam + Jocelyn’s Engagement Session



Sometimes, when you meet with a couple, you just click, and know you want to be  a part of telling their love story. That’s how it went down with Adam + Jocelyn when we me over a cup of coffee on the patio at Utica Square this summer. They told us how they met, we saw the love in their eyes, and adoration for one another. I was so excited to capture their engagements, and man, did they make it easy on me. This was such a perfect fall night and I can’t wait for their 2016 wedding!



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